“We have had a successful working relationship with Adam Scarcella and PuroClean Restoration Experts for approximately a year now. We are a full-service independent insurance agency, and have referred our clients to PuroClean Restoration Experts for services after they have endured damage to their property, whether covered by insurance or not. Our clients have been pleased with PuroClean’s immediate response to their needs, and we knpw they are available on a 24 hour basis.”

“What impresses our clients most aboyut PuroClean’s services that they inform the property owner of the process from beginning to end, which leads to satisfied clients during a difficult time. They also consistently update our office with a status as they are doing their work.”

“PuroClean is prompt, efficient and professional on all the work they have done for KGK Insurance and our clients. We are extremely satisfied with the work they’ve done, and look forward to more satisfied clients as they cope with their disaster.”

Kindest Regards,
Stacey Weinstein
Vice President
KGK Agency, Inc.

“I used PuroClean for the aftermath of Hurricane Irene that occurred in my
basement. Adam and his team were fast and responsive, and finished the job
timely when I really needed the help. He was also willing to contact the insurance
adjuster if they required further information about the flood damage, and also
provided a detailed report, including carpet samples and took pictures of the
moisture measuring device he has showing the high the levels of moisture in the
drywall, rather than just pictures alone, which proved quite valuable in the report
provided to this insurance company. Since all of the damage in my house was in
the basement, and flood insurance doesn’t cover everything that was damaged
in a basement, Adam worked with me, and showed flexibility when my flood
insurance didn’t cover much of the damage.”

Annie A.

“My name is Vincent Puglisi and I used PuroClean Restoration Experts in November of 2011. I had a
serious mold problem in my home in Bethpage N.Y and contacted PuroClean to help me.”

“After the initial inspection, Adam Scarcella, who holds a local PuroClean franchise, provided me with
a very comprehensive itemized estimate that detailed every aspect of the process. He was very
accommodating and patient especially as there were outside circumstances that delayed my decision
about the work to be done. Due to the amount of mold, it was necessary for PuroClean to demolish the
interior of the house. We trusted Adam to refer us to a contractor, plumber and electrician to rebuild
the house. All proved worthy of our trust and, with Adam’s help, everyone coordinated his efforts to
make the project turn out beautifully.”

“Puroclean provided us with pictures on a daily basis, which alleviated most of the stress that went along
with this ordeal. Adam called on a regular basis during the job and even followed up numerous times
after his company’s work was complete to assure my satisfaction with the people he recommended.”

“I must say that I am glad that I trusted my instinct and chose to have PuroClean handle this as
professionally and efficiently as they did.”

Vincent Puglisi

“When I called Adam, we had 3 feet of water in our basement. He and his team arrived
within an hour of my call and immediately took action. They drained the water out of
the basement bedroom, pulled up the carpet and tested for moisture in the walls. We
took their lead and decided to open up the walls in order to avoid any mold. They then
provided us with the industrial dryers to dry out the basement as soon as possible. The
next morning Adam and his team were back again to assess the damage. Not only did
they test for mold – they actually identified existing mold in our entire ceiling. Given their
extremely reasonable pricing, we decided to move forward with him to address and re
mediate the issue. Adam and his team spent hours working on this effort. A few days
later, we had another mold test and realized that we still had traces of mold. Adam and
his team were back the very next day to solve the problem. He had initially promised
us a guarantee that he could eliminate the mold. And he delivered! Once his team
completed the second round – our basement was PERFECT.”

“Adam was a pleasure to work with. He was honest and knowledgeable. His stood
by his word, gave us personal attention and was extremely thorough. Adam’s quick
response and action saved us from any more damage. We could not be happier
to have used Adam/PuroClean and would recommend his services to anyone and

Amy & Matt Yallof

“We couldn’t now have been happier with the services provicded by PuroClean. I would highly recommend them to anyone requiring water remediation.”

Stephanie & Scott Auster

“Extremely professional and compassionate. Wonderful job!”

Ronald & Kathy Bieber

“They were very professional and very helpful. PuroClean did everything they said they were going to do.”

John Chung